Absolute Protective Coatings

Industrial floor coatings represent some of the most challenging applications for high performance flooring. They represent an economical and safe alternative to other types of commercial concrete flooring systems such as vinyl, polished or densified concrete. Industrial coatings provide a resilient and seamless finish that offers superior chemical and stain resistance.

Chemical & Wear Resistant

Many chemicals utilized in your company’s day-to-day life may be deeply corrosive to exposed, unprotected walls and flooring, and a basic floor coating may not be enough to protect them. When dealing with acids, corrosives, abrasives, and hazardous chemicals that can wear away lesser floor coating, investing in a chemical & wear-resistant floor coating is a good choice.

Moisture Vapor Control

Given the high likelihood of moisture damage to insufficiently protected floor coatings, it is imperative to have moisture levels in your facility tested by professionals who can determine the best methods for successfully installing the desired coating. Often, a moisture control system or moisture mitigating coating is the only appropriate solution.

Food & Beverage

All facilities in the food and beverage industry need to ensure they’re using USDA-approved floor coatings. Floor coatings that don’t meet these standards run the risk of becoming a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and disease. Microbial growth can develop underneath improperly applied floor coatings where the moisture level is not sufficiently controlled.